Este establecimiento pone en conocimiento de los consumidores que los productos de la pesca afectados por el Real Decreto 1420/2006, de 1 de diciembre, sobre prevención de los parásitos por anisakis, han sido sometidos a congelación en los términos establecidos.


Homemade Country Goat and Black Pig Pâté from Fuerteventura Accompanied by Pickled Onion and Homemade Tomato and Almond Mojo   9,00€
Fresh Prawn from Fuerteventura   15,50€
Fish & Seafood Soup   9,50€
Vegetables Soup of the Day   4,00€
Gazpacho from the Market   4,20€   
Home-Made Hummus & Crunchy Vegetables   5,20€
Russian Salad   5,90€
Home Cured Ham Duck Salad   10,80€
Fried Fresh Cheese with Home-Made Tomato Jam from Fuerteventura (3 Units)   5,90€
Assorted Semi-Cured Majorero Cheese   6,20€
Cured Sheep Cheese from Sansueña (Zamora)   6,40€
Freshly Baked Bread and Home-Made Mojos   1,80€
Canarian Potatoes with Home-Made Mojos   5,00€
Home-Made French Fries   5,20€
Padrón Peppers   7,20€
Home-Made Chicken Croquettes (3 Units)   5,90€
Fried Pork Meat   8,50€
Stuffed Mushrooms with Citrus-Marinated Shrimp and Allioli (2 Units)  6,20€
¨Tigre¨ Mussels (2 Units)   5,00€
Garlic Prawns in Olive Oil   15,00€
Fried Baby's Squid   10,60€
Deep Fried Sardines   12,50€
Fried Fuerteventura Tuna Chunks in Red Mojo   13,50€
Octopus Galician Style   16,00€


Bacon of of Dark Suckling Pig from Fuerteventura   15,50€
Pan fried Wild Mushrooms with Garlic and Chorizo   11,50€
Eggplant "a la Parmigianna".  10,50€
Burrata with Home-Made Salmorejo   11,50€
Mix Leaves Salad   10,00€
Prawns Avocado Salad   15,50€

Octopus Salad   15,00€

Grilled Mussels with Green Mojo   11,50€
Prawns Grilled on a Salty Bed   14,00€
Home-Made Marinated Salmon   12,50€
Salmon Tartare, Avocado & Mango   13,00€

Main Course

Vol-au-vent Provencal Ratatouille   18,50€
Duck Breast with Orange Sauce   22,50€
Grilled Ribeye Steak in Mushrooms Sauce (350 Gr.)   22,50€
Veal Cheek in Red Wine with Polenta and Onion Rings   21,50€ (NOT AVAILABLE)
Tradicional Canarian Goat Stew   17,50€
Fried Pork Meat with Potatoes   17,00€
Grilled Chops of Dark Suckling Pig from Fuerteventura  18,50€
Pressed of Roast Dark Suckling Pig from Fuerteventura   21,50€
Caramelized Octopus   21,50€
Tuna Tataki from Fuerteventura & Wasabi Alioli   23,50€
Fuerteventura Tuna Tartare  23,50€
Sama Fillet with Spicy Red Pepeers Sauce & Seasonal Vegetables  22,00€ 
Black Ink Seafood Paella with Mild Allioli (ONLY ON REQUEST))   19,00€/Pax. (Mín 2 Pa.)
Seafood & Ñora Paella (ONLY ON REQUEST))   19,00€/Pax. (Mín 2 Pax.)

Home-Made Desserts & Sweet Wines

Catalan Cream  5,50€

Gofio Mousse with Palm Honey and Roasted Almonds   5,50€

White Chocolate Cheesecake   6,50€

Spanish Bread and Butter Pudding  (15 Min.)   5,80€

Dark Chocolate Fondant (15 Min.)   6,90€

Apple ¨Tatín¨ Pie (15 Min.)   6,90€
Hand-Made Ice Cream: Lemon, Raspberry, Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla 2,50€/Scoop

D.O. Lanzarote. Rubicón Moscatel. Bodegas Rubicón. Moscatel de Alejandría. 7,00€